Thursday, May 31, 2018


4x4 inches
Oil on wood panel

Last Saturday I participated in an art event in the park for the first time and intended to sell 6 cat paintings. 

Thankfully event turned out to be such a wonderful amazing experience.  I met so many nice people throughout the day, but this generous lady who stopped by to tell me how much she liked my artworks became the most interesting person of the day who is a medium/psychic! 

Everything she told me was so accurate, it seems like she could see through me!! She gave me lots of great advice such as to keep on painting more and more and told me to keep two cats paintings on the table, especially the white one. She said there a girl like cats and never ever sell to anyone. So, I decided to keep them as my good luck charm. 

I invited her to sit inside of my booth & we all enjoyed the conversation almost till the end.

-This piece is the one! 

Thank you for viewing.
Have a happy day!





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