Thursday, June 1, 2017

Great news!

Hi, there!  It's been a while... apologies for that...but today...
I've got a something to say...
My piece, " Beauty in the Ordinary " was selected for APERO gallery June 2017 ' Surrounding ' Fine Art Online Catalogue!!

In my head, Christopher Cross was singing, Oh, the canvas can do miracles~, just you wait and see. Believe me ~ ...too old?  Anyway, the miracle just happened.  I am so happy and greatful to be a part of the collection.  Thank you APERO gallery for accepting me.  It means a lot to me.  APERO Gallery team is so professional, supportive and wonderful.  I love the curator's review for my piece, it's quite precise and written in such a beautiful way.
Please go visit their site to see the collection!

Now I gotta go paint.
Have a miracle day!